Geriatric Medicine - An Overview

As one advances in age, various changes occur in the body. Organs and systems weaken. This is, by design, as genetics age, a reality reflected through such things as wrinkles, weakening of bones, loss of muscle mass, and the onset of aging-related diseases like dementia (impaired memory). Even so, the quality of life doesn’t have to dwindle. That’s why geriatric medicine exists.

Geriatric medicine is care for persons 65 years and older. The scope of geriatric care has expanded to encompass older people’s social and psychological needs. For context, people aged 65 and above report the highest rate of inpatient hospital stays, more than two and a half times higher than persons aged 45 to 65. Moreover, one in every two visitors to emergency departments is 65 years or older.

Originally published at BlogSpot on Oct. 12, 2023