Clinical Interventions for Preventing Unnecessary Cesarean Births

Cesarean section is a lifesaver. Like other surgeries, though, it carries risks for both the mother and the baby. As such, it is recommended it be done only when necessary.

Also known as a C-section, cesarean birth is the delivery of a baby through an incision of the abdomen and the uterus. There are instances where a C-section is mandatory. However, in some cases, pregnant mothers simply prefer to go under the knife, even when it’s unnecessary. Unnecessary C-sections needlessly expose pregnant mothers to risks associated with the surgery.

Some of the C-section risks include adverse reaction to anesthesia, cardiac arrest, shock, blood clots, excessive blood loss, and wound infections. Exposure to these risks is three times higher for cesarean deliveries than for vaginal births. As such, vaginal birth is considered the safer birthing option.

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